Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Long Day

Today was a long day:) It was one of those day where I had a lot to do, but I didn't get it all done because JT was having a "mommy day". I did get some more laundry done and the bathroom scrubbed, but the kitchen is still a mess. We didn't have hot water until around 3:00 - due to the water heater breaking down yesterday - so my energy was spent by the time it came around. I did get in a good 3 mile run and we arrived at Mutual on time, but it was a long day. At Mutual JT wasn't up to having the YW hold him and he just cried for me. One of them asked, "Doesn't it make you feel good that he is crying for you?" On a long day - honestly - no. But I just smiled, because it was a cute question and I do love that little boy something awful.

Now it is 10:16 and JT has been in bed for about 30 minutes, I am watching Lost with JJ and then I think I am just going to go to bed. I still need to scrub down the kitchen, but it can wait until morning. I know that JT is going to wake me up around 7am and my parents won't get here until 8am, so I have time to get it in order before they come. We are leaving for Disneyland around 9am, so it's going to be another long day. However, I have a feeling that it's going to be fun in spite of it all.