Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Goal #2 - Check

I hit 20 lbs this week! Yea! I didn't post last week because I gained 1/2lb and I was too depressed to write about it. My family had been in town for 4 days and I had eaten not so great (ie Blue Bayou, Rainforest Cafe, BJs, buttermilk syrup - you get the picture) so I didn't expect to lose, but I didn't want to gain. It has been my only step backwards since I started and I was glad that it was only a 1/2lb and not 5lbs. Phew! This week I've been exercising almost everyday and I dropped 4lbs. Wahoo!!!!! I'm still going to aerobics on T/Th at church and my friends and I have started walking on MWF in the mornings. I know that has really helped. Plus, I've been really strict on my daily point and not dipping into my Flex Points. I don't know if I will make 30lbs by my birthday on the 21st, because that means I have to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, but if I make 25lbs I will be thrilled. I am really hoping to get to 50lbs by June. If I continue on my current route, I can do it.

So I had to go back to my original post about the weight loss journey to see what my "reward" for 20lbs is and it's a pedicure. I think I will hold off using it until the end of the month because I already had a pedicure in February using my Christmas present from my MIL.

Here are the original goals and rewards. However, I am still keeping a daily food journal, I don't make a weekly meal plan anymore, I just copy what I did in weeks previous, I'm finally exercising 5 times a week, I do eat candy and sweets M-F because I have to count the points, and I eat after The Boy goes to sleep if I have points I need to use. So, I've pretty much changed them all, but it was something good to get me started.

1. I will keep a daily food journal for one month.
2. I will make a weekly meal plan.
3. I will exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
4. I will not eat candy or sweets Monday - Friday.
5. I will not eat french fries at all until March 21st.
6. I will not eat after The Boy goes to bed.

When I lose:
10 lbs - a movie date with mi esposo
20 lbs - pedicure
30 lbs - a new pair of pants
40 lbs - facial
50 lbs - use my gift certificate to the spa

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


That is how I felt today when I looked down at the scale - 3.5lbs!!!!! I guess my body is just catching up with the past couple of weeks of 1lbers:) So, I am only 3lbs from my 2nd goal, which is 20lbs. I can't remember what my "reward" is when I reach 20lbs, so I need to go and look at my original post. I'm really nervous about this long weekend with my family. We are going to be eating at the Blue Bayou and Rainforest Cafe and probably lots of snacks and junk at Disneyland. I have to stay strong, because I have yet to have a week when I gained or didn't lose anything and I'd like to keep it that way. I've been trying to eat lighter this week so that I have a few extra calories saved up. At this rate, I might even reach my goal of losing 30lbs by my birthday. That would rock and make my 28th birthay extra special. I got this $10 "The Biggest Loser 2" exercise dvd at WalMart the other day and used it for the first time on Monday. I love it! It is totally exercise I like to do AND there are like 9 workouts to choose from, so you can customize your workout. On the menu you add the workouts to your list and then it plays them in that order. Isn't that cool? You don't have to keep going back to the menu and starting over. I thought it was a great deal for $10. I went to aerobics yesterday at the church, so I'd like to do my video again today. That would put me at 3 workouts -which is my goal for the week - and I still have 3 more days when I could possibly get in a 4th.

Now, onto other matters. I am so mad! I am reading this great book called The Memory Keeper's Daughter and I am half way through it and it is due at the library today! Man! I tried to renew it online, but there is a hold on it, so I can't keep it. If my family weren't coming I would just keep it through the weekend and pay the $.25 a day fine and finish it. However, I know I won't have much time to read, which means I won't finish it, so it's not worth the fine. I already waited 2 months for the book and I hope I don't have to wait another 2 months to get it back. You must read it, if you haven't. I have like 5 books from the library that I need to read and I know they'll have to go back before I have to time to read them. I did finish River of Secrets - one of the sequels to Goose Girl. I have the other sequel, which actually comes before River, but I wanted to read it 2nd, so now I am out of order and pretty much know what happens in Enna Burning, so I don't know whether to read it or not. My friend said she didn't like Enna as much as the other two, so I am tempted to skip it for now and go onto the other books I've got. Two of them are these vampire books written by an LDS author and my sister said they were really good. She's usually a great picker of good books. She is the one that suggested I read Phantom by Susan Kay - the story of where the Phantom of the Opera comes to be - and I loved it. I just found the titles. They are Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I'll let you know what I think of them. However, I am still depressed about the unfinished book that I must return to the library today. ::sigh::

Friday, February 16, 2007

What Do You Mean 1 lb?

That's all I had to show this week, but hey, it's a loss. I've renewed myself to eating better on the weekends and getting in 3 workouts a week. Since I got back from Utah I have been using all of my Flex Points up on the weekend, chalking it up to good clean bonding with the hubby. However, there is no need for it and I promise this weekend will be better. I have already gotten in 2 good workouts this week, so I have today or tomorow to get one more in and I will have met my goal for the week. I am hoping this extra fortitude will earn me at least a 2lb loss next week. My family comes into town on Thursday for 2 days of fun at Disneyland and a Saturday of the beach. I already know we are eating at the Blue Bayou and the Rainforest Cafe, so need to be frugal M-W so that I can splurge a little, not too much, and still get a loss when I step on the scale two weeks from now. I can do it. I found a fun little blinkie that I want to add to the side bar if I can figure it out. I did on my family blog, so we'll see if I can get it on here too. I hope your fitness and weight loss goals are coming along. It's a war, but I am winning battles! Oh! Let me tell you, Valentine's Day was no walk in the park. I made 4 dozen sugar cookies and frosting for Mutual and I didn't eat any! I don't even think I ate a piece of candy that day. Phew! My hubby and little boy got me flowers and I thought it was very sweet. I gave my hubby a bag of Valentine treats, so he was happy because he likes treats, but mad because I tempted him:) Ha! Have a great weekend and stay strong!

Monday, February 12, 2007

He Did It!

And I screamed when he did:) He's starting to walk. Not just the 'lean, forward and grab onto to mom before I hit the ground' steps, real steps. And not just 1 or 2, 6 or 7. It is so exciting and I can't believe it happened so quickly. I taped it with my camcorder, but by the time I got my regular camera out to take a short clip, he was done with walking for the evening. His daddy didn't get to see it in person because he was still at work when The Boy went to sleep tonight. I did send him a video clip from my cell phone and that was good enough for today. I hope The Boy wakes up before he goes to work tomorrow so that he can see it in real life.

Tomorrow we've got aerobics, Wednesday is mutual, Thursday aerobics, and nothing is planned for the weekend. Maybe we'll get to go out for V-day this weekend because I know we won't be able to go out on Wednesday. We usually got out the day after anyway because it's less crowded. I hate fighting crowds. I'm trying to get the house in order this week so that next week will be less stressful. I will try and get a video with the camera tomorrow so you can all see how much the little guy is growing up.

More words he says:

vrrroom (as in "what does a car say?")
boo (as in "what does a cow say?")
ruff (as in "what does a dog say?")


So, I lost 1.5lbs last week. I forgot to post because it wasn't that exciting:) I want to lose at least 2lbs a week and so I wasn't too thrilled. However, I was happy that I lost and didn't gain. I've been really munchy this past week because of AF and so I hope this week I at least lose and not gain. I will be sure to post on Thursday with the good news.

This week I've got the Mia Maids and the Laurels for YW. I was going to dip chocolates if it was just the Laurels, but I don't want to undertake that with all of the girls. I only have 4 Laurels, but there are about 10 Mia Maids and about 1/2 come to Mutual on any given Wednesday. We'll see what I feel like on Wednesday. I have all the supplies, so I'll keep it in mind. My SIL called me today and said she is coming on Wednesday for a surprise. I am picking her up on Wednesday afternoon and it will be fun to see my MIL's face when we get home.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rock On:)

I finally weighed in today - after a one week hiatus due to being away from my scale - and the news was awesome! I lost 5 lbs in two weeks! That puts me down 11 lbs and I've hit my first goal and so I get a movie date reward with my husband. I am so excited!!!!

I am still trying to figure out how I know Jason Celaya from "Grease: You're the One that I Want". I've emailed my BYU friends, but so far none of them know him or what I am talking about. So, if any of you (if there are any) blog readers out there know this guys, let me know.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

After A Very Indulgent Weekend

Well, after a very indulgent weekend (stuffed spinach and cheese chicken, wedding cake, macadamia nut chicken, creme brulee, chimichanga, chips and salsa - phew!) I only lost 1.5lbs this week. However, I am still thrilled that I ate terribly, but still lost weight. Wahoo! I am only 4 lbs from being able to go to a movie with my husband. The real test is yet to come, because now I am in Utah for 11 days visiting my parents. I have no excuse to exercise because my dad has a treadmill, Bowflex, stairmachine, and free weights in the basement and so I am going to get in 4 workouts this week if it kills me. Last week I only got in 3;( so I didn't reach my goal of 4, but this week will be different. Oh, I ate so poorly because we had a wedding reception which our friend catered and I had to try the food, that night we went to dinner as a family because Junior and I were leaving for Utah, and Sunday our cousins had us over for dinner and games and it was so tasty!!! I have stayed on track since coming to Utah yesterday, so I have high hopes. I even got in a 2 mile run/walk, weights, and abs today. No more indulgent weekends for awhile - that's for sure!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I lost 4.5 lbs this week! I am just so excited and I have nothing else to report, but I just wanted to share the AWESOME news!

Monday, January 08, 2007


That's what The Boy is:) I swear that every week that I plan to get up before mi esposo leaves for work and go to the gym, The Boy sabotages my efforts. This morning when my 15 minute warning alarm went off, so did The Boy - at 5:15am!!! I put him in bed with us, but he never really went to sleep. When mi esposo got up at 6ish for his shower he took The Boy with him and I stayed asleep - lazy, I know.

I'm just blaming The Boy, but I really didn't want to get up:) However, if I want to make my goal of 15 activity points, then I need to exercise the rest of the days this week. I am really hoping that when I weigh in on Wednesday that I am down 5 lbs. Puh-lease!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fight the Good Fight

I was so strong all week with my points. I would have a very light lunch so that I would have a good helping of points for the end of the day. That way if anything comes up with the esposo or I feel like having a bit more at dinner, then I can and not feel bad. Then, mi esposo is home all day today and so I kind of threw my rules out the window. Big mistake! Can you believe I had chips with nacho cheese for lunch? I am feeling it now and realizing it just isn't worth it. I have felt really good all week because I've been eating really well and I did exercise 3 times. I know, I know, it's not 5 times, but I'm on my way to 5. I wanted to go on a walk again today, but at 2pm we realized we had a baptism to go to and so it threw the schedule I had planned totally off. Anywho, I went over by 8 points!!!! After the baptism we were invited over to the home for some yummy filipino food. I only had a little sampling of a few things, but they aren't great for you. I estimated a little on the high side for some of the dishes, but I'd rather use up the flex points than think I still had more. Tomorrow I am staying strong - even if the esposo his home - and staying in my points allowance, no flex points. I want to lose 5 lbs by my weigh in on Wednesday and so that is going to take some serious concentration. The good thing is that we got invited to dinner tomorrow, but it fell through, so that will make it easier to stay on the straight and narrow path of weight loss.

Also, my personal goal for the week is to exercise 4 times during the week. It's easy to do 2 because I go to aerobics/cardio at church. I did three this week, so I want to up it 4. The esposo has promised to get me up on Monday to go to the gym before he leaves for work, so that will take me down to only having to get one more workout in on my own.

On a totally different topic, I read The Goose Girl - which I started 6 monhts ago - over the holidays and it was so great! I have checked out her other three books to read and I just started Princess Academy. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. I was bummed because I got a call from the library over break that I book I had been waiting 3 months was in. I waited too long to go in and they had already sent it back to the lending library for another patron. Now I'm 27th on the list again. Yuck!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well, I've broken two of my guidelines: 1) I will not eat after The Boy goes to bed (2) I will exercise 5 days a week. ::sigh:: I should feel pretty good, because I have been sticking to my daily points without dipping into the flex points. ::pat on the back:: I didn't exercise Monday because mi esposo was home and I treated it as part of the weekend. I did go to aerobics on Tuesday and it kicked my butt - literally. We did all these squats and my gluteus maximus is feeling it. Yesterday I wanted to go for a walk, but I just kept putting it off and then once I started prepping dinner for us and my SIL that just had a baby, I ran out of time. Last night I ate after The Boy had gone to bed because I still had a few points left and I had made homemade bread and I wanted to taste it. It was yummy, but then I felt bad because I had broken one of my rules.

I am going to aerobics today and if I exercise on Friday and Saturday then I will get 4 days in. I am not going to beat myself up over it, because if I do, then I will give up. That's been my problem over the past year. I get really excited and start something, but then when I don't do it perfectly I say, "What's the point?" and go back to life as usual. Not this time!!! I am really liking the points thing because I like to obsess over things (blogs, lists, calendars) so it is perfect because I can obsess over it and it keeps me on track.

The Boy is hollering for his breakfast, so I better go. Oh! One thing. I said I wouln't eat sweets, except for the weekends. However, at the time I made that rule I wasn't doing the points. I was thinking of doing more of the Body for Life program. It's actually going to help me, because I won't waste my daily points on sweet stuff. It does mean that I will still have to be careful on the weekends because I will still only have so many points for the day and I don't want to blow them all on a donut or candy bar. Hopefully it will help to kill my killer sweet tooth!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One Day Down

I made it through my first day on the WW points system. I got a little hungry around 2:00, but I powered through because I didn't want to use my points on a snack if we were going to have a fun dinner. It proved to be a wise choice because we went out to Pei Wei's as a family night dinner before the esposo starts busy season. It was so nice and I used all my points, plus 4 - good thing for the flex points!!!! I went conservative when I calculated how many points I got, because nursing moms are supposed to receive 10 more points than a regular woman, but because I am in the process of weaning, I didn't want to get used to having the points. I went to aerobics today and so I'm feeling good. I'm goin to weigh in tomorrow. I wanted it to be in the middle of week, rather than a Monday or Friday, so we'll see how that works out for me. Stay strong. We can do it!!!!