Friday, February 16, 2007

What Do You Mean 1 lb?

That's all I had to show this week, but hey, it's a loss. I've renewed myself to eating better on the weekends and getting in 3 workouts a week. Since I got back from Utah I have been using all of my Flex Points up on the weekend, chalking it up to good clean bonding with the hubby. However, there is no need for it and I promise this weekend will be better. I have already gotten in 2 good workouts this week, so I have today or tomorow to get one more in and I will have met my goal for the week. I am hoping this extra fortitude will earn me at least a 2lb loss next week. My family comes into town on Thursday for 2 days of fun at Disneyland and a Saturday of the beach. I already know we are eating at the Blue Bayou and the Rainforest Cafe, so need to be frugal M-W so that I can splurge a little, not too much, and still get a loss when I step on the scale two weeks from now. I can do it. I found a fun little blinkie that I want to add to the side bar if I can figure it out. I did on my family blog, so we'll see if I can get it on here too. I hope your fitness and weight loss goals are coming along. It's a war, but I am winning battles! Oh! Let me tell you, Valentine's Day was no walk in the park. I made 4 dozen sugar cookies and frosting for Mutual and I didn't eat any! I don't even think I ate a piece of candy that day. Phew! My hubby and little boy got me flowers and I thought it was very sweet. I gave my hubby a bag of Valentine treats, so he was happy because he likes treats, but mad because I tempted him:) Ha! Have a great weekend and stay strong!

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Melissa said...

That's one less pound to carry around.

Love your blinkies.
I'm a Heroes addict.