Monday, August 10, 2009

I did it!

I did 3 miles today! It took me 38:54 to do it, but I did it and I didn't die. Well, the day is young, so I still might :) I so didn't want to roll out of bed today at 5:40 to make my gym appointment and I almost didn't, but at 5:47 I decided I had to. Phew!

Last week I ok with my goals. I went to the gym 4 times and I didn't eat cookies/cakes/ice cream M-F. However, I did eat some candy during the week. Dang candy - it's my one true vice. I'm going to keep working on this one. I did move up one tier on my 5K training, so that's one goal I met. And I'm down one pound. I'm hoping for 3 lbs next week and if I keep true to my no sweets rule during the week.

This week the goals are:
1. Get three runs in and move up another tier on the 5K training.
2. Add three glasses of water a day. I have totally been stinking at drinking water.
3. No sweets/treats M-F. (notice how I cut out Saturday? LOL)

1 comment:

S Club Mama said...

sweets did me in this week, too, but what great progress! and I'm in awe of your 3 miles!