Wednesday, January 17, 2007

After A Very Indulgent Weekend

Well, after a very indulgent weekend (stuffed spinach and cheese chicken, wedding cake, macadamia nut chicken, creme brulee, chimichanga, chips and salsa - phew!) I only lost 1.5lbs this week. However, I am still thrilled that I ate terribly, but still lost weight. Wahoo! I am only 4 lbs from being able to go to a movie with my husband. The real test is yet to come, because now I am in Utah for 11 days visiting my parents. I have no excuse to exercise because my dad has a treadmill, Bowflex, stairmachine, and free weights in the basement and so I am going to get in 4 workouts this week if it kills me. Last week I only got in 3;( so I didn't reach my goal of 4, but this week will be different. Oh, I ate so poorly because we had a wedding reception which our friend catered and I had to try the food, that night we went to dinner as a family because Junior and I were leaving for Utah, and Sunday our cousins had us over for dinner and games and it was so tasty!!! I have stayed on track since coming to Utah yesterday, so I have high hopes. I even got in a 2 mile run/walk, weights, and abs today. No more indulgent weekends for awhile - that's for sure!


Amber said...

Hi Kyla,
I am a friend of a friend (Melissa) and I am bored at work so I started going down her list of blogs. I got to yours and was so excited! I have done WW before and gotten great results, although since I got married I have let my weight get completely out of hand. I started doing the WW points system two weeks ago and have only lost 2.5 pounds so thanks for the inspiration! I really need to be strict this week in writing things down and getting more workouts in.
Congrats on your weight loss so far!

Melissa said...

Hey, you and Amber would be good friends. She reminds me a little bit of you, actually. You two are my inspiration with the weight-loss thing.

I didn't realize you'd been blogging away so well. I'll have to stop by more often.

It looks like I may have missed you while you were here in Utah. Blast. Well, there's always this summer.