Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fight the Good Fight

I was so strong all week with my points. I would have a very light lunch so that I would have a good helping of points for the end of the day. That way if anything comes up with the esposo or I feel like having a bit more at dinner, then I can and not feel bad. Then, mi esposo is home all day today and so I kind of threw my rules out the window. Big mistake! Can you believe I had chips with nacho cheese for lunch? I am feeling it now and realizing it just isn't worth it. I have felt really good all week because I've been eating really well and I did exercise 3 times. I know, I know, it's not 5 times, but I'm on my way to 5. I wanted to go on a walk again today, but at 2pm we realized we had a baptism to go to and so it threw the schedule I had planned totally off. Anywho, I went over by 8 points!!!! After the baptism we were invited over to the home for some yummy filipino food. I only had a little sampling of a few things, but they aren't great for you. I estimated a little on the high side for some of the dishes, but I'd rather use up the flex points than think I still had more. Tomorrow I am staying strong - even if the esposo his home - and staying in my points allowance, no flex points. I want to lose 5 lbs by my weigh in on Wednesday and so that is going to take some serious concentration. The good thing is that we got invited to dinner tomorrow, but it fell through, so that will make it easier to stay on the straight and narrow path of weight loss.

Also, my personal goal for the week is to exercise 4 times during the week. It's easy to do 2 because I go to aerobics/cardio at church. I did three this week, so I want to up it 4. The esposo has promised to get me up on Monday to go to the gym before he leaves for work, so that will take me down to only having to get one more workout in on my own.

On a totally different topic, I read The Goose Girl - which I started 6 monhts ago - over the holidays and it was so great! I have checked out her other three books to read and I just started Princess Academy. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. I was bummed because I got a call from the library over break that I book I had been waiting 3 months was in. I waited too long to go in and they had already sent it back to the lending library for another patron. Now I'm 27th on the list again. Yuck!

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