Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well, I've broken two of my guidelines: 1) I will not eat after The Boy goes to bed (2) I will exercise 5 days a week. ::sigh:: I should feel pretty good, because I have been sticking to my daily points without dipping into the flex points. ::pat on the back:: I didn't exercise Monday because mi esposo was home and I treated it as part of the weekend. I did go to aerobics on Tuesday and it kicked my butt - literally. We did all these squats and my gluteus maximus is feeling it. Yesterday I wanted to go for a walk, but I just kept putting it off and then once I started prepping dinner for us and my SIL that just had a baby, I ran out of time. Last night I ate after The Boy had gone to bed because I still had a few points left and I had made homemade bread and I wanted to taste it. It was yummy, but then I felt bad because I had broken one of my rules.

I am going to aerobics today and if I exercise on Friday and Saturday then I will get 4 days in. I am not going to beat myself up over it, because if I do, then I will give up. That's been my problem over the past year. I get really excited and start something, but then when I don't do it perfectly I say, "What's the point?" and go back to life as usual. Not this time!!! I am really liking the points thing because I like to obsess over things (blogs, lists, calendars) so it is perfect because I can obsess over it and it keeps me on track.

The Boy is hollering for his breakfast, so I better go. Oh! One thing. I said I wouln't eat sweets, except for the weekends. However, at the time I made that rule I wasn't doing the points. I was thinking of doing more of the Body for Life program. It's actually going to help me, because I won't waste my daily points on sweet stuff. It does mean that I will still have to be careful on the weekends because I will still only have so many points for the day and I don't want to blow them all on a donut or candy bar. Hopefully it will help to kill my killer sweet tooth!

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